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We have certified babysitters all over the country with experience in both newborns and school-age children. Get help with tasks such as pick-up from preschool, regular and sporadic babysitting. Our babysitters are available at all days and times.


A babysitter from myNanny is always

Carefully recruited

We strive to have Sweden’s safest babysitters. All of our nannies must therefore have documented experience with babysitting and undergo an extensive background check.

Educated in safety and CPR

All of our babysitters are trained in everything from safety and CPR to pedagogy for children. This way, we can ensure both maximum security and a truly enjoyable experience for your child!

Selected for your needs

Your babysitter is selected according to your needs, as well as your child’s interests, personality and age. We match you with a babysitter that the whole family will love!

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Find babysitter from myNanny
Find babysitter from myNanny

Frequently asked questions

Where in Sweden is myNanny available?

Our childcare is nationwide and available throughout Sweden – from central Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to far out in the countryside!

What is the cost of a certified babysitter?

All prices start from SEK 149/h with Swedish tax deduction for household services. The price is the same regardless of your plan or the time of day you receive babysitting.

The price may vary depending on different factors, such as how often you have babysitting.

Contact us for a free price proposal!

Will I have the same babysitter every time?

Yes, you always get the same babysitter. We make sure to match your family with a babysitter who is available exactly when you need it.

How do you ensure that it is safe?

We are very selective in who we choose to employ. After a potential babysitter has gone through several interviews and passed a background check, we ensure that they are trained and certified in CPR, safety for children and pedagogy.

Your babysitter also submits a report after each session, so that we can ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Read more about our babysitters here.

What times and days can I get a babysitter?

With our extensive network of nannies, we can arrange a personal babysitter regardless of which times and days you need help. We’ll help you find a nanny who can work during the day, night, weekends and holidays – and the price is always the same.

Which languages do the babysitters speak?

All our nannies are speak both Swedish and English. If you have other preferred languages, please contact us — we have a large variety of language proficiencies.

Prices and plans from SEK 149/h

Pick-up/drop-off with your babysitter

Finish your work day in peace! Your personal babysitter can both pick up and drop off at preschool or school. They will safely make their way home and play together until you get home. Your babysitter can also, for example, prepare simple meals.

Nanny for regular babysitting

The most popular option is to have regular babysitting once or twice a week. That can include everything from pick up from preschool and a play date to making dinner and preparing your child for bedtime.

Personal babysitter for your needs

Stop turning dinner plan or parties down – or why not make time for a date night with your partner? We can arrange a personal babysitter who is ready when you are!

A full or part time babysitter

We offer a personal babysitter who can take care of your child exactly as often as you need. Maybe you have to be away for a period or maybe you are waiting for a preschool place? We offer babysitters for all times and days.

A babysitter for weddings/events

Book a babysitter so that you don’t miss out on the most important moments of life! We can help you with professional babysitting for all types of events.

Nanny who speaks specific languages

Do you want your babysitter to speak English or your native language? We have a diverse selection of nannies throughout the country and can therefore find a babysitter that can speak your requested language. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Sara, barnvakt, barnflicka, nanny, barnpassning, myNanny

Sara about a babysitter in Sweden from myNanny

A babysitter that the whole family will love!

Sara, barnvakt, barnflicka, nanny, barnpassning, myNanny

Sara Wångmar


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