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myNanny is one of Sweden’s largest professional babysitter & nanny service providers. Our largest locations for babysitting are in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, but we cover all parts of the country. This is regardless of if you live centrally in a large city or far out on the countryside.

All our nannies are Swedish citizens, but they speak both Swedish and English. If you have other preferred languages, please contact us — we have a large variety of language proficiencies.

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Extend your family! Your nanny will be personal and chosen based on your family’s specific needs. The person is subject to a prior thorough recruitment & certification process, where everything from background control to verification of previous experience is done. Education in safety & handling of risks, as well as how to best help your family, is mandatory.

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Our pricing is simple: a flat hourly rate, independent of when you need your nanny. You have access to a wide variety of solutions, including everything from picking up from kindergarten to au pair or full time services. Prices are after the RUT tax deduction.

Please contact us for more information or click below for our pricing page (in Swedish).

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Barnpassningsspecialist babysitter
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Malin Hellberg, specialist at myNanny

Mother of two daughters, Selma & Sonja